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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Family and Marriage


Misbun Sidek was the oldest son of Dato' Haji Sidek which the story of their family has been adapted in cartoon version and comic. The cartoon version and comic become popular among the children in that era which told the story about Sidek’s siblings.


In 1984, Misbun has introduced his future wife toward the Badminton player, fans and his family which known as Latifah. He married with his wife three years later after he introduced his wife to his family. The couple has eight children but two of them have died which the 6 surviving children that they have are Misbun Syawal Misbun, Lia Murni , Misbun Ramadan, , Lia Alifah, Lia Dewi Rubita, and Misbun Awalauddin. In 2010, his wife was suffering from kidney failure as he was the coach for Lee Chong Wei. With the conditions of his wife, Misbun Sidek willing to coach Lee Chong Wei for the London Olympics Games as he thinks that it was his responsibility.

misbun-ramdan-badminton-s58SUKMA - BADMINTON

As he wanted his son to follow his lead to become the professional badminton player, Misbun coaches his second sons, Misbun Ramdan to become the legendary in history of badminton. He received his first title by defeating Mohd Arif Abdul Latif in the men’s singles final of the Pahang Open in Kuantan.

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